Des panneaux solaire pour votre bateau; être autonome au large, quelle liberté!

Many boaters have had to cope with the lack of energy auxiliary batteries, and thus do without the comfort they are used to. What an annoyance that not being able to use his devices, when there is no plug to connect the boat or VR.All boats, recreational vehicles and cottages, especially those operating in places without electricity, benefit from having auxiliary batteries. These energy accumulators are used to power low-voltage systems, such as lighting systems, drinking water pumps, some audio systems, the refrigerator in short, a variety of elements as indispensable as they are pleasant. With 120 Volts accessible, the batteries are recharged and all is functional. But the public power supply is not always available. This is where we appreciate the sums invested in solar panels. These are 100% active during sunny periods and less efficient when the cloud cover is more intense. It is necessary to conceive that a solar panel is a charger with battery and that, Without having to activate anything, the photovoltaic cells produce energy that is transmitted to the auxiliary batteries via a voltage controller. The result is beneficial to the use of all boats or RVs by minimizing the risk of energy deficiency, when the panel is of appropriate capacity for use by the boater. Different types of solar panels exist on the market, whether flexible or rigid, amorphous type, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, you must be informed before buying this kind of system. In addition, your energy consumption can and must be calculated to meet your needs, and TSI Refrigeration consultants are able to calculate, from your information, the capacity necessary for your particular use, and to provide you with the recommended portable panel or install the permanent panel that will work best on your boat or RV, at an affordable and very competitive price, help need cash now. TSI offers a technical service, solar panels and high quality batteries, guaranteed. Come to inform you, we will be able to advise you well.