Over 25 years in business


A pioneer in ammonia and propane refrigeration in Quebec since 1984, TSI RÉFRIGÉRATION INC. has evolved over the years with new technologies, in various fields including trucking, water sports, cottage and recreational vehicles.

As a leader in our field, we have adapted our practice to meet all your refrigeration, air conditioning and recreational vehicle interior repair needs.

Our expertise in solar energy and low voltage electricity (12/24 volts) make us a must for alternative and diversified energies.

RESPECT, HONESTY AND PROFESSIONALISM, these values are the pillar of our commitment to develop products designed to meet the highest demands of our customers.

TSI … a specialist in your peace of mind !!!

Recreational Vehicles

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we can now offer you several services regarding the maintenance of your RV. Contact us to find out if we can provide the service you need.


We can offer you most products and services in order to be completely independent in your chalet. No need for Hydro Quebec to live comfortably in the forest. Contact us for more details

Boats & Trucks

We have been working in 12 / 24V refrigeration for over 15 years. We can offer you different products and services for the maintenance and repair of your 12 / 24V refrigerator.

Notre équipe

Patrick Plourde


With over 25 years of refrigeration and business management experience. Holder of several professional classification levels such as MMF Class A and Class B, and accredited refrigeration engineer.

Geneviève Biron

Executive Director

With 20 years of experience in the recreational vehicle industry, including 11 years within the TSI Refrigeration team. Co-owner and manager of the business, customer service, marketing, finance, human resources.

Pierre Montpetit

Assistant to the management and accounting clerk

With 4 years of experience within the TSI Refrigeration team as the right hand of management, parts and service clerk, accounting clerk, transport logistics and customer service management.

Michel Marchand

Refrigeration technician

Refrigeration technician for over 25 years, he specializes in the repair and manufacture of 12 / 24V DC refrigerators. In addition, he excels in diagnosing and repairing RV roof air conditioning.

Patrick Leayman

Recreational vehicle technician

Recreational vehicle technician since 2007, he specializes in general RV repair including electronics (inverter, converter), electricity, plumbing, propane, 12/24 V, solar, structure and roofing, awnings, etc.

Steve Montpetit

Apprentice technician

Apprentice recreational vehicle technician since 2017, he is recognized for his resourcefulness, his knowledge in carpentry and general repair.