Lithium Volthium battery 12V 300A – Self-heating / Bluetooth Aventura


  • 77lbs weight
  • Quebec engineering
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Internal temperature drops from -20 celsius to 11 celsius in 2 hours
  • The most efficient battery on the market
  • 150A continuous Peak 200A (30s) & 300A (1s)
  • Up to 4 batteries in series in parallel
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TSI is proud to present the new Volthium brand lithium battery from Quebec which can be used year round

Our lithium battery (LIFEPO4) VOLTIUM AVENTURA 12V 300AH SELF-HEATING / BLUETOOTH is the ideal battery for 4-season use.

Smaller, lighter and more durable, the Lithium battery is the future of the accumulator. For your chalet, your RV or your boat, this product will ensure long-term energy autonomy.

This LifePO4 300AH battery incorporates an internal self-heating system and an even more advanced BMS that will never make you fear our Quebec winters again. Accompanied by the Volthium application and the Bluetooth function, you will be able to follow the evolution of the internal temperature of the battery in addition to having access to a multitude of additional information.

When connected to an energy source, this battery will first use the energy to create internal heat of 11 degrees and then begin to charge. Thanks to the thermal cage that surrounds the cells, the internal temperature drops from -20 to 11 degrees in just 2 hours.

This battery is guaranteed for 10 years.


  • Number of charge cycles
  • Charge level
  • Real-time voltage and amperage
  • Internal temperature
  • Battery health