Rolls Surrette S6 GC2-HC battery, 6V, capacity 230Ah / 20h, lead-acid


Type Lead-acid
Voltage 6V
Capacity 20 hours 220 Ah
Material Polypropylene housing
Width 25.9 cm
Height 27.9 cm
Depth 17.8 cm
Weight 31 kg
Warranty 1 year
Category: Product ID: 1880


Conventional lead-acid batteries are designed according to the standard Rolls model. It incorporates thick wrapped positive plates for a sturdy and versatile end product ready to use in your RV, cottage or boat. Extremely reliable, these batteries offer large surface plates. In addition, it has a high density of active material which allows numerous charge-discharge cycles.

The Rolls battery range has an extremely solid housing (the “Rolls Dual Container”), has an unmatched number of charge-discharge cycles and comes with a 3 year warranty for Rolls batteries.



  • Thick Plates – Offers unmatched number of charge-discharge cycles
  • High density of active material – Offers you exceptional performance
  • Durable – Polypropylene housing or Rolls Dual Container housing
  • Accepts Rolls anti-evaporation caps – Reduces maintenance