Battery Trojan 6V L16 Capacity of 370Ah / 20h

Voltage 6V
Amperage 370 amp
Width 31.1 cm
Depth 17.8 cm
Height 43,2 cm
Weight 46 kg (100 lb)
Category: Product ID: 1881


  • The Trojan L16 battery is a 6V battery which has 370 AH
  • Trojan technology has “Maxguard Advanced Design Separator”.
  • In addition, it is composed of the exclusive formula “Alpha Plus” for the paste. This provides better service life, extended uptime and helps reduce maintenance.
  • This product guarantees you durability, reliability. In addition, the proven technology of Trojan batteries means that you can count on them to give you consistent performance day after day.
  • This battery is guaranteed for 1 year
  • Trojan L16E-AC batteries are often used in solar power systems, aerial platforms and many other applications