Rolls Surrette S-550 battery, 6V, capacity 428Ah / 20h, lead-acid

These lead-acid deep cycle batteries feature positive plates with double insulation. The first insulating layer is made of a woven fiberglass cloth; layer which will be finally sealed inside an envelope in microporous polyethylene almost indestructible. This wrap helps prevent separator misalignment, separator cracking, watery tree formation, and bottom and side shorts. It also eliminates the presence of a sediment chamber and therefore leaves more space for the liquid, thus reducing the frequency of refills.

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4000 Series batteries have a 24-month free replacement warranty, after which an 84-month partial refund calculated from the date of use kicks in.


  • Thick plates with the highest density of active material
  • Wrapped dividers
  • More room for liquid
  • Sustainable
  • Unmatched number of charge-discharge cycles, 7-year warranty – 10-year average life
  • Elimination of the sediment chamber allows larger plates to be used for the same cell size, resulting in a larger capacity battery
  • Requires little maintenance

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Dimensions 31.75 × 17.81 × 42.55 in